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oh, this is just too cool. - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
oh, this is just too cool.
I've been poking about in vDeck, the control panel StartLogic uses to manage websites.  It's just too cool.  Not only do I have a ton of space, and a ton of bandwidth, but there are some super-nifty plug-ins that I can use.  One is php-Nuke, a content manager, and then there's Gallery, which is an image manager that generates thumbnails and slide shows and all manner of useful things.

I'm very excited about this.  I think Wolfie's going to switch his hosting over the StartLogic, too; he's been very very unhappy with Savant Networks lately, and I don't blame him.  They've had lots of downtime and less than responsive tech support, whereas the tech support I've looked for today from both GoDaddy (where I registered the domain) and Startlogic (to help me redirect the domain) has been prompt, personal, and above all, helpful.

New, shiny toys.  Whee!!!!!!

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