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this is fucked up right here. - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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this is fucked up right here.
So my hosting service is supposed to have PHP support, right?  And my personal website has PHP support.  So why is it, when I copy the code in the index page and the PHP includes almost exactly, that it doesn't work, and the page is not rendered properly?  There's no support on the Startlogic website about it.  I'm confused.

Edit: Further fucked up-ness... when I view source on the test page, I see the PHP code. On my personal site, you don't. Weird.

i feel: confused confused

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hascouf From: hascouf Date: August 4th, 2004 07:16 pm (UTC) (base camp)
some sites don't support php without using .php extensions on the files.

I know that my provider doesn't

tashabear From: tashabear Date: August 4th, 2004 10:14 pm (UTC) (base camp)
A) Should I rename the .inc files .php?

b) Why doesn't it say so anywhere on the support site?

3) Do you know where my php book is? It's in the house somewhere...
tashabear From: tashabear Date: August 4th, 2004 10:55 pm (UTC) (base camp)
Well lookie there. I renamed the file that was calling for the includes to have a .php extension, and it works fine. (I had some errors in the include coding, but that was an HTML mistake and easily fixed.) Thanks!

(I'm still wondering where that book is...)
3 trips or shoot the rapids