February 21st, 2003

good life

quickie update

Leaving tomorrow for Maiine, for the Spa Knit and Spin Weekend, with my mom. We're meeting Sis up there... I hope it turns out to be everything I hyped it to be!

Bought new yarn today: Patons Kroy Sock Yarn in the Winter Eclipse colorway. Gorgeous blues and purples and dark grey/blacks. Already started the socks, though the new gauge meant new needles -- my first set of Bryspun dpns. I'm liking them; they're a flexible plastic, and very comfy to work with. They feel a tad rubbery, and the yarn grips and squeaks a bit, but all in all, I'd buy Bryspuns again. They're getting smoother the more I use them, and I'm getting used to the shorter length (but I'll have to transfer the knitting to longer needles to try the sock on in progress).

What else... I've decided that I need to make myself a cardigan, and I've also decided that the pattern I want to use is in Hip To Knit. I wanted to use Mission Falls 1824 Wool, but the gauge is way off from that of the sweater, so I can either futz with the pattern or find other yarn. I'm thinking a Debbie Bliss variety might be nice. There's a Merino Chunky in her range that might be perfect... ooh, and in a nice steel blue. It won't be the russet Mission Falls stuff that I love, but it might just work, and I can make something else out of the Mission Falls.

Um... well... work is work; I'm not yet packed for tomorrow, and bed beckons. Night, y'all; I'll let you know how it went. :-)
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good life

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