May 6th, 2004

good life

re: mom

Thanks for your support, ladies. I talked to my mom and we're cool.

I think part of the problem is that I'm currently unemployed and I have nothing else to think about besides the wedding, while my sister has a very demanding job and my mom is working part-time, but at a somewhat physically demanding job, and they have other stuff to think about. Plus, they went to Scotland for a week in April, and that put a hitch in the step, too. So when I've been obsessing for three months, and they haven't, I get miffed that they don't remember every little detail, while I've got no data with which to dilute it. Plus, I have developed a calendar in my head that looks about two months in advance at all times, as a way to plan SCA stuff, and they don't seem to have that particular talent, which is also annoying.

Basically, I'm irritated with my family for having lives. Maybe someday I'll have one, too!

I told Wolfie I'd go to bed two hours ago. I really should do that; it'd be novel to go to sleep before daylight.
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good life

colonial spinning bee -- westford, ma

I think I mentioned this last month, but it's coming up quick! Sunday, May 16th, at the Garrison House in Westford, MA. There will be a few vendors, a carding demo, silent auctions, door prizes, and possibly reporters from the Globe. Dogs are welcome if they are leashed. I'm planning on bring extra spindles and fiber if someone wants to learn.

Any takers? Official info (includes directions)

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good life


I may have solved my undergown dilemma. My smock pattern doesn't work with the fabric I have because of a pronounced lengthwise pattern. This one, on the other hand, will work nicely. The kicker is that galestorm and I discussed this pattern months ago! Boy, am I a dope. Cute, but not always smart. :-)

I think I need to go sew.
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good life

i say again, pretty, but not so bright

I just cut out my Eura dress. I put the fold on the wrong side when I laid it out, so now there will be a seam along the top of the sleeve instead of under the arm, and CF and CB seams, as well. Bleah.

Oh well. Piecing is period, and this way I don't have to sew those long underarm seams...
good life

well, pooh.

My Eura dress doesn't fit. Too tight across the bust. I kinda thought it might be. I have one long strip that I could piece in... maybe in the CF and CB, and then see if the neckline needs to be raised and/or closed (ie, piece a bit in there, too).

Shame; it was relatively quick and easy to put together. I'll have to tweak the layout for a bigger bust.

Shower and off to Her Grace's now... I'm SO late!
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