June 19th, 2004


sewing update

I have cut and am in the process of sewing together the last tunic in the series, for my swordbearer hascouf (he knows about it now, so I don't have to avoid mentioning it -- I got paranoid about it fitting and told him, so I can go have him try it on).  I started at about ten, so I'm making good progress.  I'm about to go do the neck facing, after which it's all easy -- sewing on the sleeve assemblies and sewing up the underarm seams.

Looks like we might have clothes for everyone after all.  :-)
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so much for good forward progress...

I just sewed and cut the facing... but it's on the wrong side of the body.  I didn't want to do that.

It's not an irretrieveable error; I trimmed it, turned it, and pinned it, and I can use contrasting thread to sew it down with a buttonhole stitch.  It's just that it was a careless error.  Bah.
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tunic update

Assembly complete; only finish work remains, which will include a couple of hours on that stupid facing.  I finished it at about 4:30 this morning.  Yes, I'm very sleepy today.
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good life

to-do update

  • Finish serging fabric
  • Finish washing and drying fabric
  • Dehair fabric
  • Iron and measure fabric
  • Cut and sew smocks: 1 (already own 2 & 3)
  • Cut and assemble dresses
         Red dress: cut assemble finish
         Blue dress: cut assemble finish
         Purple dress: cut assemble finish
  • Draft cutting pattern for tunics
  • Cut and sew tunics
         Green tunic: cut assemble (in process) finish
         French blue tunic: cut assemble finish
         French blue tunic #2: cut assemble finish
         Lake blue tunic #1: cut assemble finish
  • Address invitations
  • Buy postage
  • Mail invitations
  • Visit Moira to string beads
  • Have nervous breakdown
  • Acid etch bowl
  • Get marriage license
  • Get officiant's license for him
  • Finish writing program
  • Print and assemble programs
  • Finish writing ceremony
  • Have second nervous breakdown
  • Write vows
  • Plan picnic
  • Have third pre-wedding breakdown (I think I have one more in me)
  • Get married
  • Eat lots of wedding cake
  • Pass out from sugar crash
  • Never ever do this again
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