August 24th, 2004


wolfie update

He's in the hospital again tonight; I guess they want to pump him even more full of antibiotics.  His eye is still all red and swollen, but a lot less swollen than it was.  He said he can even almost open it.  I was there for about five hours tonight, just watching the Olympics and the news and being with him.  The house is so dead without him in it.

Hopefully they'll spring him tomorrow -- the poor guy is so bored, he sketched his own foot tonight.  At least he's being cheerful for the nurses... though if he was feeling crummy, all bets just might be off.  He feels fine; he just has this awful swelling in his eyelid.  Collapse )
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happy day

the good things

  • Fireworks

  • Setting up the tent in record time (thank you cable ties!)

  • A convection current in our tent that at one point made it cooler inside than outside (before the rain)

  • Awesome classes (except for the one on the Physics of the Drop Spindle, which was not the fault of the instructor; I didn't have the language to understand it)

  • Getting a foot rub from my honey without even asking!

  • Being able to shop and getting nifty cool stuff (I'll post a list behind a cut)

  • Spinning almost every single day, and learning something new every time

  • Meeting Lady Alesia and Master Robert, who camped next to us

  • Getting my bottom rubbed by the apprentice bottom rubber at Feat of Clay</a>
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further wolfie update

They're discharging him today, but he's not going to be allowed to return to work until they remove the second wick (the removed the first one this morning and replaced it with another) and close the wound, which will be Thursday.

It'll be good to have my sweetie home.
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pictures from camp

As usual, I forgot to take my camera with me almost everywhere I went.  As a result, I don't have pictures of camp when it was at it's most beautiful, ie, before the deluge.  I also don't have pictures of the lovely fountain outside Midrealm Royal, an oversight for which I am kicking myself.

However, I do have the following, which are somewhat illustrative of what it like camping in Strawberry Fields (our camp is so named because there are at least four people of ducal rank in camp, and their coronets all bear strawberry leaves as a sign of that rank).
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