January 4th, 2006

good life

things. stuff... and things.

I got my DVD of Serenity last night. Holy crap. I SO regret not having seen it in the big screen. For those of you who have the DVD, though... is that River at the top left? When did she get all vampy? Also, what illiterate eejit wrote the blurb on the back? There's a dangling phrase that someone should have picked up. Still and all... holy CRAP. Amazing story. IT MUST RETURN.

(I have a paper cut on the webbing between my thumb and forefinger on my left hand. Owowowowow. It stings.)

I also got the Battlestar Galactica soundtrack and Season 2.0 (yes, it's only the first 10 episodes, but I need it to make screen caps for iconning, okay? And yes, I can justify quite a lot, thanks). The soundtrack is... is... guh. Incredible. I'm so grateful for these new headphones -- the other ones would never in a million years have done justice to this gorgeous music.

In addition to making BSG icons (and Stargate: Atlantis, and Underworld, and Henry V), I've been making resources for other icon artists to use. I'm mostly doing textures -- abstract stuff that can be used to create different lighting effects in icons. Collapse ) My work's been pretty well-received, and I haven't even posted half the stuff that I've made -- I have a lot of time on my hands, and these things don't take long.

I've been learning to make brushes, too -- the spotty bits on my current default icon were made with a brush. They take longer, and even though I'm learning to make my own, I still have this addiction to downloading grunge brushes. I guess it's like retail therapy, but free and with instant gratification.

I should maybe go do some work... Bleah. Oh well...

Sixty days.
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