July 17th, 2006


celebrate old "friendships", or nuke 'em from orbit?

I just got an invite for my 20th Class Reunion for high school.

They were asses in 1986, mostly.

They were asses in 1996, mostly.

They'll probably be asses in 2006.  The question is, do I want to go, and try again to be nice and friendly to folks who were jerks, or do I want to go, and nuke them from orbit, or do I want to just stay home?  My feelings are so mixed they have froth.  There's really only one or two people I might want to see, and I can probably contact them on my own if the mood strikes. 

I'm actually feeling a little angry about this.  They hurt me, they really hurt me back in high school, and now I'm even fatter than I was in '96, at the 10th reunion, not employed (though at least now that's by choice, and hopefully I will be, by the reunion), and going grey at an astonishing rate.  I wouldn't mind giving a donation for a memorial to one of our classmates who died in '01, but other than that...

And they want RSVPs by August 15th.  The reunion isn't until October 6th!  Even weddings don't have such a huge lead time for RSVPs.  All that, and I'll be on vacation then.

I don't know what to do.  Maybe I'll call my mommy.
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