October 7th, 2006


re: the anti-ad thing

LJ is now allowing sponsored communities. In other words, businesses can open up communities here -- it's like paid advertising on television. That is not my concern.

My worry is about how those communities are going to publicize their existence. I'm concerned that they're going to push advertising through my journal or communities to which I belong based on our interests, effectively spamming us with their message. I don't want to have to remove my interests from my user info. And I don't want to have to lock all my posts. I want to seek these communities out, find them through happenstance, like so many of the wonderful communities I've discovered on LJ. And if I find them and like them, I'll stay and participate. If not, I won't.

I pay for my journal. I'd have a permanent account if I hadn't screwed up the time difference while I was in Kuwait and missed the sale. I don't want to be spammed in the LJ account I paid for -- I want to know that push advertising by these sponsored communities won't be allowed.
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so say we all


There's a frost advisory in effect for Sunday morning! I think I'm justified in closing the bedroom winow now.
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