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sunny. breezy. so why am i so blah? - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
sunny. breezy. so why am i so blah?
Wolfie's in Boston. He's getting involved in doing some sort of furry TV show. It'll involve puppets and spoofs of current TV shows and pop culture stuffage. Sounds like fun for him... he loves being creative. I'm not interested... I am so not a team player with stuff like that. I hope it turns out to be as much fun as he thinks it will. :-)

So I'm home, sitting here enjoying a cool breeze through the window of the computer room. I should be downstairs in the new Sanctuary, working on Wolfie's tunic. Note to self: Never again buy crinkly fabric for garb. Too stretchy in weird ways. The Sanctuary is our new shared workroom, for Wolfie's art and my sewing (and my art too; I have a couple of projects in the planning stage, but I haven't gotten to them on the priority list yet). It used to be the dining room; Wolfie spent three days clearing it out and cleaning it up and moving furniturearound so we can use it. It's named The Sanctuary because it is one of the only rooms in the downstair with a window that can accept an air conditioner. (Almost all of the rest have casement windows -- the kind that crank out. I can only conclude that the previous owners were on some really good crack.) We went to WalMart and got a lovely faux-iron curtain rod and some curtains that are currently holding the cool air in the room and making it a real summer haven. Wolfie's amazing.

I should be in there, but I'm not.

I can see my bed from here.


But I can see it...

i feel: dorky dorky

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