October 19th, 2007


well ain't that a kick in the pants

So the other night, darkwolfie and I were mucking about with my bike, adjusting my new saddlebags so they'd hang straight and off of the exhaust, and he noticed that the right hand frame cover under the seat was broken. I didn't look that close, as we were losing the light. It looked like it'd cracked at the top screw, but both pieces were there.

Today I decided that I'd try to glue it back together, so I got some Krazy Glue and headed out to the garage. I took off the seat, went to take out the screw... and the entire broken bit crumbled.

It wasn't just broken, it had been broken and repaired with some Bondo-like crap that broke AGAIN! Now *I* have to spring for the ~$35 to get it properly fixed. And in the meantime, I should probably drill a hole in it and ziptie it to the frame so it doesn't fall off. Hopefully they'll have the part at the Suzuki dealer in Derry and I can pick it up on Sunday, else I'll have to order it. *grump*

At least it wasn't entirely my fault that it's busted...
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