July 7th, 2008


hat trick!

I went to Canobie Lake Park with darkwolfie for fireworks on July 4th. Those were nifty, plus there was yummy fish.

Last night, I went to Ayer to watch fireworks with my mom, because my dad is a poop and never wants to go. I was an adult before I ever saw a fireworks display, because my dad never wanted to go. I think it's because he hates the traffic jams afterwards. Ayer put on a good show, but I think that dusk is a misnomer when what they really meant was 9:30pm. I mean dusk is at like 8:30! Not that it wasn't pleasant sitting and visiting with my mom, but we were getting bored by the time they lit the first fuse. I was about ready to find the guy in charge and hand him a lighter. If I'd had a lighter, I might've.

Tonight was by far the best, though. We went to Pelham Elementary for their fireworks, and it was the easiest in, the easiest out, and a really nice show. We took the bikes on a road through Methuen into Pelham, and for about half the ride we were stuck behind a minivan full of Canadians that I think were lost. Lost, and WAY too conscious of the ridiculously slow speed limit. Awesome curvy roads, and they bogged us down doing 20 mph. I swear, I thought I was going to stall a couple of times. What I found really funny was that they had a slavish devotion to the posted speed limits (and really -- narrow country residential streets. Where is a cop going to hide, for crying out loud?), and yet they rolled through a stop sign. When they finally turned off, I immediately doubled my speed and it was SO MUCH MORE FUN.

Finding a parking spot at the school in Pelham was kind of a pain, so we parked in one of the hashmarked spots in front of the school. We didn't know where they'd be firing from, but everyone on that side of the school was facing it, so we did, too. We were going to leave the bikes and walk down to the field down back, but realized that we'd have a perfectly good view from the bikes, plus a built-in place to sit, so we stayed.

It was a gorgeous show. And a lot cheaper than Canobie Lake. I think that next year I'm going to suggest that we hold out for Pelham... or we would if we weren't going to be at Anthrocon for the 4th next year. *headdesk* There goes that plan. Oh well... there's always 2010...
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three things

I feel like a dope. I had an appointment with the VA to enroll for healthcare and to talk about my sleep apnea -- I understand that because I was diagnosed on active duty I'm eligible for disability. But I forgot my appointment till a phone drone from the VA called to see if someone had contacted me to make an appointment. Luckily the case manager had an appointment open tomorrow at 1, so it's not all bad.

Also, I'd like to thank Kuryakyn for being completely unhelpful about adapters for my new pegs. They suggested I contact the dealer about whether the adapters for a Suzuki M50 would fit my Kawasaki Vulcan 500. If I wanted to contact a dealer, I wouldn't have contacted YOU. Good thing they like me at Nault's. I'm hoping they'll let me measure the peg brackets on some of their bikes if I buy the adapters there. I didn't buy the pegs there, though, so I may have to gloss over where they came from.

And finally, LJ seems to have mucked with the update page again. I can no longer see my icon. There is a drop-down menu to select it, but I can't see the icon I selected. There isn't even the thumbnail pop-up like they used to have. I hate that.

Okay, four things. darkwolfie has been asleep for almost 12 hours. I know he was short on sleep yesterday, but it's time for him to get up now because I am HUNGRY, and because he wanted to go drop off our passport applications. But mostly because I am HUNGRY, and there is no food in the house. And I am HUNGRY.
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good life

WTF, over

Certain pages are no longer rendering properly in Firefox, notably the LJ update page and Wikipedia. If I switch rendering engines to IE, they work. I just did an upgrade to -- bet that's the culprit. I need to fix this. If I wanted to render my pages in IE, I'd use IE.
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