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oh. muh. gaw. - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
oh. muh. gaw.
A day that looked to be fraught with frustration and scarmbling looks to be turning out pretty dern all right.

My (former) boss ordered invitations for our kick-off luncheron for the New Hampshire Walk to Cure Diabetes on June 7. They didn't get printed till June 27. Today is July 3. They just came in today, and they need to go back out today.

Logos for the participant brochures for the Walk are also due today. Because of some unpleasantness last week, I lost sight of this deadline. Consequently, I've been scrambling the last two days to catch up. I just got the last logo in via UPS Next Day.

I have to go home before noon and pick up meat pies for Glenn Linn. While I'm there, I can scan and email the logo for Liberty Mutual. Life is smoothing out. Now all I need is for this heat wave to break, and the weekend should be quite pleasant.

i feel: relieved relieved

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