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I hate waking up and feeling hung over for no good reason.  I want to have earned this headache.

I guess it's the same source as the headache I had earlier in the week -- sinus pressure from the weather.  My eyes and ears just hurt.  I think it woke me up.  Oh well, no worries.  I've lived through worse.  At least I can still walk.

I'm getting ready to make a couple of pairs of pants for Wolfie, but the fabric needs ironing first.  When I went down to the cellar to get the fabric, I discovered that our flod-free basement was not, indeed, flood free; the floor was all wet.  I hope it didn't get too deep...

I wonder if I'll have time to whip up another dress, if I get these pants done?  I have that wool blend... never hurts to have something warm to wear, or I might have enough of the blue linen I made Dad's tunic out of.  No more of the purple, though; I was discouragingly frugal with that purchase.  Or better yet, happy pants for me.

I'd better get to work, though, or no one will have pants, happy or otherwise.
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