tasha (tashabear) wrote,

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serger, how i love thee...

I love thee for the fact that it takes 20 minutes to sew together a pair of pants, once they're cut.

I love thee for thy speedy and efficient cutting and binding of raw edges, that doth prevent Fraying.

But mostly, I love thee for thou wast a Christmas present, and I did not have to pay for thee.

So.  Two pairs of pants assembled.  I just need Himself to try them on to check the elastic in the waistband, and they're fork-ready.  D-U-N, done.

I'm going to go pack the bedding box and haul the other garb box upstairs and start packing that.  Then mundanes, crafty stuff, and toiletries, save what we need for showers (the last thing to do before leaving the house is shower, so you leave fresh).  A trip to WalMart is needful, too, I think... Oy.  Best get in gear.  Less than 12 hours to go...
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