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Panteria, concluded.... - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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Panteria, concluded....
So the wrangler took Woody home (the horse that tried to dump me), and brought back a couple of others. I rode a horse named Annie in the championships. She's VERY pregnant, but pretty patient and cooperative, though not as full of spunk as I would have liked. I really missed the horse I usually ride, a spitfire named Mister. He and I really bonded here at home, and I know he would have done well at Panteria. Oh well...

Sunday dawned with some fairly hard rain, and I was REALLY not looking forward to riding in the rain. It cleared in time for the competition, though, which was different this year than in previous years. It started with a short challenge course: ride past an iron hook and remove a bag (a small tote bag), then retrieve a spear stuck in the ground and stick a styrofoam pig. After that, we rode through a small maze, take a sword from the ground crew person there, and behead the enemy -- four styrofoam heads on poles, sort of arranged in a circle, then go around the corner back past the Queen and that was the end of the course. We each got two runs at it, and got to keep the best time out of the two. My best time was 1:05, not good enough to advance to the next round, but I didn't come in last!

The best eight times advanced to the spear throw, which I really like. Wish I'd been able to get that far. :-) After the spear throw, the best six advanced to the rings, and the best four to the quintain (I think that's how it went). As it turns out, the girl I shared Annie with won the competition, and a good friend of mine came in second and is Queen's Champion. I got lots of compliments on my riding and my garb (I busted my butt on that outfit!), which was really nice.

The one funny horsey thing that happened to me was that Annie (pregnant, remember) laid down while I was still on her back, waiting to ride. The wrangler said that the baby was probably kicking her and she laid down to quiet the foal. Surprised the heck out of me, at any rate! At least she didn't roll... that was my saddle she was wearing.

Martin Quicksilver's horse tried to dump him, too, and was much more athletic about it than Woody was when he tried to dump me. His riding impressed me even more at that moment than it usually does, and it impresses me a lot. He's a really nice guy, too; seems a little shy, but I think he's warming up to me a little. I hope so. I'd like to count him as a friend.

It was really a great weekend. Wolfie took a lot of pictures, and really enjoyed it; I rode well (not as well as I'd hoped, but not bad), and I realized how great the horsey community is here in this kingdom.

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