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the good things - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
the good things

  • Fireworks

  • Setting up the tent in record time (thank you cable ties!)

  • A convection current in our tent that at one point made it cooler inside than outside (before the rain)

  • Awesome classes (except for the one on the Physics of the Drop Spindle, which was not the fault of the instructor; I didn't have the language to understand it)

  • Getting a foot rub from my honey without even asking!

  • Being able to shop and getting nifty cool stuff (I'll post a list behind a cut)

  • Spinning almost every single day, and learning something new every time

  • Meeting Lady Alesia and Master Robert, who camped next to us

  • Getting my bottom rubbed by the apprentice bottom rubber at Feat of Clay</a>
nifty new stuff
  • 8 oz light grey fiber

  • 8 oz dark grey fiber (these two bags are earmarked for a knitting project)

  • 8 oz dark gold fiber

  • 4 oz "bluebell" blue fiber (these two bags are for embroidery thread, mostly)

  • 4 oz flax strick

  • 1oz (ish) silk bells

  • Turkish drop spindle

  • 2 oz alkanet root

  • 2 oz madder root

  • madder seeds

  • bronze needle

  • bone needle

  • A Dyer's Garden -- Rita Buchanan

  • A Weaver's Garden -- Rita Buchanan

  • Handspindles -- Bette Hochsberg

  • Here Be Wyverns -- Nancy Spies

  • Celtic Embroidery -- Gerald of Ipsley and Robert of Coldcastle

  • Medieval Manner of Dress -- Else Marie Gutarp

  • A Trust Betrayed (medieval-esque murder mystery) -- Candace Robb

  • Sing for the East songbook -- Various composers

  • 2 yards of fine black wool fabric

  • WPI gauge

  • a small antler (to make needles out of)

  • a lightweight greenish brown cloak

  • a bronze cloak clasp

  • a bronze Thor's hammer for Wolfie

  • a lovely ceramic cup from Feat of Clay (the outside is very rough, and they rub the bottom of the cup with sandpaper before they let you take it away so it won't mar surfaces in your home)

  • A ceramic spindle support

  • a 4" rigid heddle loom and 12-dent heddle, so I can make leg wraps for Wolfie

Wow.  I was busy.  I'm so looking forward to getting the current uproar out of the way so I can play with my new toys.

One of the classes I attended was "Spinning with New Fibers."  I have the oddest piece of yarn ever, on a spindle that's around here somewhere.  In one piece of string I have the following fibers:
  • Hemp (really liked spinning it!)

  • 25% Possum/75% Polwarth

  • Camel hair

  • Camel down

  • Pima cotton (now I see why charkas have the insanely high ratios that they do)

  • Cotton boll

  • Alpaca (yummy!)

  • Ramie

  • Viscose

  • Ingeo

  • Tencel

  • Sable fur (nigh on impossible to spin; the staple length can be measured in millimeters)

  • Mohair

  • Ryland wool

  • Silk hankie

  • Silk roving

  • Buffalo

  • Angora (there isn't actually any of this in my yarn, but the lady running the class gave me a whole bag of it!  Must be at least an ounce, if not two, of pure white bunny fur)

  • Dog hair (take THAT, Dog Lady!)

  • Nylon glitz

It was a very cool class.  I missed "Spinning Early English Wools" due to a lack of motivation and an abundance of rain -- I was worried aout Wolfie and I didn't want to slog across the Battlefield to get to the AS tents.  And my class on Bone and Antler Working was cancelled, but I bought an antler anway, and I'll figure it out.

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mariora From: mariora Date: August 24th, 2004 05:25 am (UTC) (base camp)
One day I WILL get to Pensic. Yes yes I will. Its just soooo far from Ansteorra.

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