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when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
I'm boooored.  And it's too sticky to sleep.  Not tired, anyway.  I'm looking for a nice storage solution for my spinning fiber and my yarn, and I'm not finding anything online that I like (I'd like to see something nice on, say, Target.com, and go to the store tomorrow and pick it up).  I really need to tidy up my corner of the living room; I'm pretty sure it's a fire hazard.  I'm just not finding anything in my price range/size requirement.  Not at Target, any; maybe Linens n Thing or Bed Bath & Beyond might have something.  Ooh, and I haven't been to the MegaMarshall's yet... And there's always Christmas Tree Shop!  I really hate shopping there, but sometimes you can find decent bargains.  I bet Wolfie will be staying home for this little expedition.

My embroidery project planning is coming along nicely.  I've pretty much decided to make a new tunic to put the decoration on; I have some dark navy blue linen that will look great.  I was just having a hard time picturing what I wanted to do on an olive green ground.  So far I have two blue and two red skeins of thread spun, and one gold.  I think, since I'll be stitching on dark blue, that maybe I'll need some green after all -- I knew I should have bought it when I was at Pennsic.  Now I'll either have to go to Cambridge or pay shipping, and I don't want to drive to Cambridge.  So if I have to pay shipping anyway, maybe I'll get that luscious red Wensleydale roving from Copper Moose I've been lusting after.  (Note my enabling talent.  Even I am not immune to my own wiles.)

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