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argh... - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
First I get beat up today by the (volunteer) chairwoman of the board of directors, and made to feel like they were doubting my skills (after last week, when they plainly did). I'm sorry, but when you see a last name twice, with two different first names and two different addresses, then you must reasonably assume that they are two different people, not that one of those people does not exist. And if one of them doesn't exist, then how is a reasonable but inexperienced person to determine which one is incorrect? And I don't know how many people are on their mailing list -- how am I to know that 800 invitations is too many? I'm so bloody sick of being second-guessed and microfuckingmanaged... "Don't take it personally," they say. "It's based on past experience," they say. Bullshit. They don't understand that there's a new sherrif in town, one who knows her shit, if she's given good data. I'm doing the best I can, alone, with limited experience with these benighted lists; I will not stand for getting beaten up over this. I am so close to quitting... but I need the money, what little of it there is.

Save me from rich, idle women with too much time and too little consideration.

i feel: angry angry

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