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i don't know why I didn't call them sooner!

I just got off the phone with BFI, who picks up trash in our neighborhood.  Almost everything we have to get rid of, that I thought needed a special phone call for pickup, can go out with the regular trash.  We can put out one item of furniture with the trash per week, and microwaves and CPUs can go out any time.The dead TV requires a special pickup, which is now scheduled for September 7th, which is next Tuesday.

I'm stoked.  We have a dead sleeper sofa, a recliner, two benches, and some really ugly end tables that the previous owners left that need to be taken away, and we can just do it piece by piece.

Now, if I could just get Himself to throw away some of the things we just don't have room/immediate need for... Though getting rid of the couch will go a long, long way towards cleaning out the garage, and then we can store more stuff out there. 

There's a bunch of brush in the garage, too (don't ask) that we should break up and bag and leave at the curb, as well, and that'll clear out an entire bay for storage.

Don't ask me where all this cleaning energy came from; I usually lie down until these sorts of impulses go away.  I wonder if there's some sort of post-marriage hormonal shift that occurs?  I'll have to ask Mom when she gets home.
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