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more productivity - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
more productivity
The computer room is significantly more tidy than it was this morning.  None of the other rooms I want to tidy show marked improvement, but I figure if I can get the rooms we use under control, then I can work on getting the ones we don't use so much under control, and all will be nifty.

I'm gonna need a rake to get under the bed, though.  X-P

Tomorrow's project will be my workroom, I think.  I need to pick up the mess from Pennsic packing, finish putting together the market baskets I got as a wedding gift, and get the fabric out of the garage to see if I have any wool -- I want to make a wool dress for Coronation.

I broke down and posted the stuff we want to get rid of on the Methuen freecycle list.  Can't hurt I guess.  And that way, I can post that I'm looking for a filing cabinet with a clear conscience.  :-)

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