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mystery solved - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
mystery solved
We found out what happened to the mailing list that put Wossername into such a tailspin. I took two lists, from two different events, and merged them into one list to create these mailing labels. Apparently the data on one of the lists was already corrupt, and I didn't know. I think what happened is that my previous boss created a spreadsheet, and then sorted it so it would be alphabetical by last name, but in doing so only sorted the last name column rather than all the rows. So I did what I thought was right, te Wellesley office (who did the mailing) did what they thought was right, and this... this... person will not let it go. She emailed the director in Wellesley and her boss (wherever he is.... NYC?). She utterly failed, however, to email my boss, despite the fact that I told her that all issues need to go through her. I'm hoping that Cynthia adequately explained to her that she is not to speak to me that way again. I could quit, and if I tell the temp agency that it's because I'm being mistreated by a volunteer, I'm in the clear.

On a brighter note, I finished embroidering Grandmaster Villari's signature on Sean's gi. Thank god that's done with. My fingers are still sore -- it was a heavyweight gi, and he had the Grandmaster sign it in paint pen, which sealed the fibers and made it wicked hard to push the needle through the fabric. Oh well, it's over again for another year.

I have sooo much sewing and laundry to do, and no ambition whatsoever.... and going to bed with the intention of gettting up early never works. Maybe I'll just go to bed -- I have to be at work on time tomorrow. There's a meeting at 9:15 and I have the keys.

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