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parts is parts - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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parts is parts
The spindle parts order came yesterday.  I think the UPS guy came to the back door (AGAIN, dammit), so I didn't hear him knock, because I can't hear knocking on the back door when I'm upstairs at the front of the house.  Must leave note there if there is a next time.  Anyway, he left it with the neighbor, who gave it to Wolfie when he came home, so now I have parts, and I'm waiting for a tow truck to come to take my car to a garage so I can get my car fixed - the passenger side rear wheel is not rotating.


The tow truck came and went.  The tow truck driver did a most impressive bit of maneuvering to get my car into the garage.  So now I'm waiting for a mechanic to have a moment to look at it.  In order to get it into the bay, though, they had to put the rear on a pallet jack and push it, which was both funny and nerve-wracking to watch.  The girl in the office was astonished that I actually live on this street.  Seems like every time I go in there, someone has to be surprised that a white family lives on this street, since it's a Spanish neighborhood.

Pfft.  My previous neighbors spoke Polish.  Spanish is easy.

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