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r.i.p. emachine - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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r.i.p. emachine
The HDD on the second-hand computer I bought for Wolfie for a wedding gift died today. (Okay, granted, I've been using it far more than he, but it's his computer, dammit!) I'm very very annoyed by that. (I'm on the machine he insisted on keeping, if anyone was wondering.)

However, we had drives from my old machine that we'd tried to put into another machine that my uncle gave me when my power supply shit the bed, and so we decided to put those into ye olde eMachine. Problem was, we needed to format the smaller of the two drives and install XP before we could slave in the larger drive, as it's partitioned and that seems to be the only way I can see everything. So I get to sit up and babysit the install. Bleah; I wanted to go to bed.

At least this means that I'll have access to Dreamweaver and Fireworks again -- though the serial numbers seem to have gone byebye when the drive was removed before, so I'll need to track those down. They must be around here somewhere.

And it's been such a long day, too... running around and doing errands, then to my Duchess' house to show her how to make a Viking dress, then to Mom & Dad's to use Dad's shop to cut and sand 400 spindle shafts (give or take). Dad cut, I sanded. It took a while to get the hang of what I wanted to do, but I finally did. Dad's sander/grinder is on its last legs; one of the pulley wheels started to fly apart while I was using it. It's highly useful. I wish I had room for one.

One really nice part to the day was that I got to have dinner with Mom and Dad, and then chat for a while with Mom after Dad went out to visit a shooting buddy. She's decided to try hand-quilting, and bought a 40x40 stamped wholepiece quilt top and some batting while she was in Canada. I actually have a quilting hoop, so I need to find those parts for her so she can use it.

So given that what I suppose is now my machine will have an OS before I go to bed, but still be in pieces, I'm going to spend the greater part of tomorrow tidying my workroom, watching TV, and painting spindles. I need to go to Home Depot, though; I need sponge brushes, a drill bit, and wood glue. Of course, I'd be doing this a lot earlier if I hadn't had to stay up minding a sick machine...

...which now looks to be well on its way to being fixed. I'm now at the actual XP installation screens, which is good, but it says that setup will complete in 39 minutes. I really don't want to stay up that long, so I think I'll let it run, and go to bed. I can finish setting up accounts and all that in the morning.

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