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stuff and things - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
stuff and things
I'm currently downloading Spybot Search and Destroy (thanks, galestorm!), and we'll see what it finds on this system.  It occurs to me that these could be old issues from the last time these hard drives were in use -- I've set this new system up to look so much like the old one that I keep forgetting these are old drives.

I had a call from another recruiter today, about a job in Beverly.  When the download is done, I'll MapQuest it and see how far of a drive it is.  The problem is, it's only $12/hr, which is okay money, but not to drive that far, in all that traffic, for all the responsibility the job will entail.

I'm really tired today.  I was up till 4:15 downloading stuff to ward of the nasties from this computer (I want DSL so bad I can taste it), and then up before noon to drive Himself to the train station.  Then up to Manchester to pick up Spin-Off at the B&N up there, because Salem has apparently stopped carrying it.  Screw that; I want a subscription now.  I always used to throw the cash at the bookstore for my magazine fixes, but no more.  I finally know what to tell my MIL when she asks what I want for Christmas.

I should go work on that BFL I've been spinning.  I'm soooo ready for the spinning to be done -- I want to start knitting it!

(Wolfie, if you want to trade LJ comments, text me. I'll come up here and check LJ in a bit, too.  Love you!)

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