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stuff and things and... y'know. stuff. - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
stuff and things and... y'know. stuff.
Gadzooks, but I'm bored.  I even did the dishes.  I mean, that's some kinda bored, right there.  Well, that, and I wanted to cook myself some dinner, and I didn't have anything to cook in and I didn't have anything to eat off of, so I sort of had to do it.  It looked like there was a metric fuckload of dishes, but there weren't that many; it was just the way they were piled in the sink.  A dishwasher is very high on the priority list.

I ended up reverting back to single-girl cooking: egg salad on buttered toast.  Mmm... creamy and delicious.  I guess that's another dubious upside to being alone in the evenings: I can have what I like for dinner.  Wolfie has never seemed particularly enthusiastic when I've offered to cook some of my favorite meals, so now I'll get a chance to enjoy them.  (I'm not sure whether that's a comment on the proposed meals, or on my cooking skills, but I choose to believe he just doesn't like chicken parmesan. ;-D )

I should go get my cloak and sew the clasp on.  Or start plying the two bobbins of BFL I finished filling tonight.  Or something.

Oh, look... webcomics.

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