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upsy-datesy - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
Et voila, my life this week:

Got dishes done.  Most of them.  Somehow I have more to do.  Must stop eating entirely if I plan to keep the kitchen tidy.  Not completely convinced this is an optimal plan.  Himself might take some convincing.

Found a pub right next to the train station.  They have karaoke on Thursdays, and strangely enough, more good singers than bad.  Wolfie sang "Pride and Joy" for me.  That made me happy.  ;-)

Visited with good friend today (ex-boyfriend).  We had lunch, walked a very short nature trail, sat and chatted.  I think I have him almost convinced that I'm not a complete psycho.  Cunning intrigue is coming together nicely.  (Kidding.)

Wolfie can go to Coronation after all!  Woot!  His bosses at the T have decided that maybe an extra week of training is in order before throwing him to the weekend wolves alone.  Happy birfday to mee!  (Coronation is Oct 2nd, my birfday is the 4th.  Close enough.)

Wolfie's recording a demo CD with his band tomorrow.  I'm going to Joann to price cotton for a cloak for a customer who found me through Witchvox, and to put in an application. 

I stopped in to The Woolpack in Littleton to scout yarns for holiday knitting, and got to talking with a couple of women who arew just getting started.  One of them pointed at Plymouth Encore Colorspun (75% acrylic, 25% wool) and said "This will felt, won't it?"  Ah, no.  So we got to talking, and it turns out they live in Concord, and The Woolpack, while they love it as a shop, is a bit far for them to come for knitting lessons, so they asked if I would be willing to come out to Concord and teach them privately.  Well, duh, sure!  So there's a possible commission and a possible pool of students -- I'm thinking I might add a "Services" page to my site.  I definitely need business cards.

I finished plying the two bobbins of BFL tonight.  With that and the stuff I already had plied in the bag, I have about 540 yards of cream-colored yarn, which looks to be the same grist as the grey yarns I spun at the beginning of the month.  Tomorrow, one of my other tasks will be to draw the chart for the pattern, swatch, and start knitting.  With any luck, I won't need to buy new knitting needles.  I'm so looking forward to getting this project underway!

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sandthistle From: sandthistle Date: September 25th, 2004 08:44 am (UTC) (base camp)
Wow. You've had quite a week, woman!
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