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fair isle cushion - now with pictures! - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
fair isle cushion - now with pictures!
Some you already know that I'm knitting a cushion for an SCA competition inspired by knitted silk cushions found in 13th century Spanish graves.  I spun the yarn, designed the repeating motif, and am writing the pattern as I go.  I started the knitting on Friday evening, and here are pictures of my progress thus far.  I probably have 4-6 hours in so far; I tend to be bad about keeping track.  So far, I'm really enjoying it; I've done a little Fair Isle before, on a hat, but this is the first time I've done an extensive project.

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colorwhirl From: colorwhirl Date: September 27th, 2004 07:57 pm (UTC) (base camp)
i love it!!
i really do!

i was going to needle you about posting pics on the next non-pic entry i saw about this project...it really looks great. i hope the final project turns out so well!
tashabear From: tashabear Date: September 27th, 2004 08:05 pm (UTC) (base camp)
There would have been pics a lot sooner, but I've been suffering through some fairly major computer issues (hard drive died, replaced with older hard drives that turned out to be 1/3 the capacity and riddled with virii... it's not been pretty). I'll try to keep up better!
From: ohyarn Date: September 28th, 2004 02:40 am (UTC) (base camp)

so pretty!

I can't see the floats at all.
sandthistle From: sandthistle Date: September 28th, 2004 04:49 am (UTC) (base camp)
Beautiful! I too was jonesing for pics :)
ladymorgaine From: ladymorgaine Date: September 28th, 2004 04:54 am (UTC) (base camp)
So beautiful!!!

Man, I really want to learn how to knit.
tashabear From: tashabear Date: September 28th, 2004 09:39 am (UTC) (base camp)
There's a Central Region EKU in February, and a free knit/spin gathering at the Portland Doubletree that month, too. We'll have to see what we can come up with.
hascouf From: hascouf Date: September 28th, 2004 05:08 am (UTC) (base camp)
wicked cool...
7 trips or shoot the rapids