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wait, that didn't hurt before... - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
wait, that didn't hurt before...
More owies are showing up, I think as a result of dumping the motorcycle on Sunday.  Now I have sore spots on the inside of the left shin and the outside of my right, which makes sense, as I fell to the right.  My elbow is bruising up nicely and my knee is already turning greenish, which irks me because I wanted to take pictures of a really interesting bruise and there's nothing to see.  I'll have Wolfie take pics of my elbow tonight; it should be a very interesting color by then.  At least my hip doesn't hurt anymore; that was annoying.

It's almost time to drop the storm windows; there's quite a draft as I sit here.  We're trying to hold off on turning up the heat as long as possible, so I try my usual trick of layering and wearing hats, but my feets is cold.  Time to break out the wool socks!

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