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all proud of me - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
all proud of me
I just made a clothing rack for Pennsic. I got four six-foot 1x3's, a 7/8" hardwood dowel, six feet of braided nylon rope, and a 7/8" hole saw. I marked two center lines 5.5" from the top, and 30" from the top, and drilled holes in all four boards, top and bottom.

Then I strung three feet of rope between the bottom holes on two of the boards, and the other three feet between the bottom holes on the other two board. I'm making an A-frame of sorts, you see, and the rope is meant to keep the legs from opening up too far. Then I inserted the dowel, shortened the rope by about a foot, and voila! Clothing rack. I'm going to try to stain it on Sunday, then over the winter, maybe I'll paint interesting designs on it. I might even try chip carving; I'd love to put bears or wolves or ravens on it.

It took maybe 30 minutes to do. I'm all proud of me.

i feel: accomplished accomplished

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