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what dreams may come - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
what dreams may come
(thgis should have posted this morning...)

Weird dreams.  Fancy that.  I had this dingy little shop that wasn't even a shop yet, just premises, and somehow kestrel127 and goingdriftless were there spinning (and I don't think goingdriftless even knows how to spin yet), and preparing skeins of handspun yarn, and whacking the hell out of them on the side of the building.  (There's been a thread on one of the spinning lists about whacking/not whacking wet skeins when you set the twist; must have insinuated itself in there somehow.)  Thing is, I don't even really know what either of them look like, but I never seen faces in dreams.  I see impressions of people and just know who they are.  But I remember clearly what goingdriftless had for a spinning wheel: an Ashford Traditional.  I find that tidbit screamingly... well amusing, at the very least.  I didn't get nearly enough sleep.

So because I was so paralyzed last night, I have to iron my smock, make sure we have all our garb and accoutrements, find our cloaks, try to clean my boots a bit, go pick up the pies, wake Wolfie, and take a shower.  Not necessarily in that order.  Though I think that I'm going to wake him and send him for the pies.
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goingdriftless From: goingdriftless Date: October 3rd, 2004 05:34 am (UTC) (base camp)
Teeheee... maybe it's a sign that I should learn how to spin!
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