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now with extra surrealism!

Wolfie and I got our military IDs today.  It's really real; I'm back in the Army.  And Wolfie is all registered and stuff as my husband.  As far as the Army is concerned, my name is now Dooley.

It's Dooley as far as the Social Security Administration and the Registry of Motor Vehicles is concerned, too.  Everywhere it counts, my last name is Dooley.

I've been practicing with it for several months now.  I thought I was used to it.  But now that it's all legal and in big computer systems, it's fuckin' weird.  It was easier to get used to calling myself Tasha in the SCA.  I can just see it -- someone will be trying to get my attention, calling "Captain Dooley!  Captain Dooley!" and I'll ignore them because obviously my name is Captain Sawyer.  Except it isn't.

I have knitting students tonight.  I have a splitting headache.  I'd beg off, but I need the money.  I don't know when the Army's going to pay me, and as an officer I have to pay for most everything, so every little bit helps.  Should be interesting, at any rate, and I always appreciate the opportunity to improve my teaching skills.
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