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"war is not cute" - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
"war is not cute"
Pennsic is over. I'm suffused with this sense of "this isn't really home." I don't like the solidness of these walls, the way they are proof against evening breeze. I miss my friends, and going to sleep to the sounds of their laughter. I miss the sounds of war drums from the nearby battlefield, and sitting in the big tent with my "sister" Eibhlin discussing our new fiber projects and helping her untangle her card-weaving thread. I miss my skirts and feel naked in public with my hair uncovered. I miss my ger.

I'm glad to be home with our cat (poor thing missed us so much she slept with us last night... on my head), and I like my private flushie and the fridge is a huge bonus, but the world seems a sadder place because they all missed out on the glory of Pennsic.

It seemed a quieter war this year than previous. Perhaps that's because we were in the B blocks (B for Battlefield), instead of the Serengheti, and there wasn't quite as much energy around us. Or perhaps that's because I was not fighting with my companion -- we passed two weeks together in a 14' round ger with one argument, born out of a misunderstanding, and one weird-ass mood swing on my part. Neither contretemps lasted more than ten minutes, I don't think.

I learned to spin, finally. I love it; it's addictive. The only problem is that if you grip the wool too tightly in your hand, you felt it with your sweat, it's so humid. Of course, I shouldn't grip the wool at all, but you do have to hang onto it a little. It's not fun to work on when you're sweaty. I hope to make some yarn to naalbind a pair of mittens for Wolfie, and maybe spin fine enough to make thread I can dye and then use to sew a tunic for him. I'll enter Northern Lights one of these days...

It was a good year. The East won the War. My love enjoyed himself. I don't have to be Town Crier next year, and I can relax or teach or take classes, as I will. Life is good...

...but I'm homesick.

i feel: nostalgic nostalgic

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faerymistress From: faerymistress Date: August 20th, 2002 12:01 pm (UTC) (base camp)
hey remember me, from the SCA comunity.....yeah know the colored belt conversation ..yup me with the poor grammer!!

anyway, being the nosey gypsy i am i had to look at your jouranl! i see you are from worsceter, my love grew up there and my "in laws" live there, i go there all the time (they live in west boyston) ok so thats how i found you.....what you should know before you read my comment on whta you posted...i have awful spelling an awful grammer but i 'm a goo person anyway..ok ther you where warned ,,,heehee

ok....i totaly understand how you feel, often i come "home from war feeling a whole in my heart, glad to be in my own bed and glad to be with my home friends, but still, how do you sleep with out being sung to be by far off drums and gingle belts, how many times do you walk in your home town and smell some osrty of wood fire and think "smells like pennisc" i missed war this year, since i am pregnant all my money must go to getting ready and i just don't think i could have handeled it this year. but still the first week i layed in bed unable to sleep with haunted images of all i was missing behind my eyes. i cried with a friend of mine who also couldn't go, and we came up with all ways to pool our 3oo dollors together and go..., the head of my clan said it best as he walks past troll and he yells to everyone "welcome home, weclome home to planet pennisc!"
1 trip or shoot the rapids