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stuff n things
Got a lot done on Rogue tonight. It's slow going, because there are so many stitches, but I did something like 13 rounds, and finished the bottom of Chart A. Now I do something like 4 or 5 repeats of ye olde basic cable twist, and then the top of the chart, and I can divide for the front and back of the shoulders. The neck cabling should be interesting to work, and I love the way she closes cable loops -- it looks really nice. I'd rather do a three-needle bind-off than sew up the shoulders, though, so I'll have to read the pattern really carefully to figure out the mod. I wish I had my copy of Wiseman's Finishing Techniques with me, though; I've been kicking myself for not bringing it along. Maybe I'll call Woolbearers on Sunday and see if they have a copy. So I'll have two copies, whoopty-doo. One can travel with me and I'll leave the other one safe at home in case I lose the traveling copy, or I can give it to someone. I'd give it to my sister, but I gave her one for Christmas.

My row gauge is off by half a stitch, but I'm hopeful that blocking will resolve that. I'm sure as hell not ripping it now, that's for sure. If nothing else, I have no swift, so it'd be a nightmare to get the yarn into any sort of coherent mass, and then there's the niggling issue of no place to wash it. So knitted up it stays, till I'm sure I can't block it to gauge. I can always do an extra repeat, and I can say I wanted it tunic length if it turns out too long. Or something.

The yarn is knitting up into a nice, firm, somewhat soft fabric. Its not cuddly, exactly, but it's not itchy. Again, it'll be interesting to see how it blocks. No, I didn't wash my gauge swatch. I should do that. It would be good to know how fast the dye is, at any rate, since it's red and I've had bad luck with red dye running.

I'm starting to get the hang of my job. There's a lot to remember, but the job itself (thus far) is not difficult. I'm really enjoying it.

My former commander was in today. I was standing outside with one of the guys from my office, smoking a cigarette (yes, I started smoking again, but it takes me three days or so to finish a pack), and CPT D walks out. I say hi, and all he has to say to me was "Still smoking, huh?" I was so proud of myself for not retorting "Still a prick, huh?" The guy is not popular among the folks at the IOC and MATOPS (Mobilization Training Assistance Operations). I told the guy I was standing with that he was the commander of the 890th, and all he said was "Ooohh. Okay," as if he didn't have anything good to say about him, so he wasn't going to say anything at all. Dammit, I wanted some bashing! Such things are unfortunately not professional, though, so no joy there. I almost think he can't stand to see me happy, so he's a jerk every time he sees me. Or maybe he's just a natural talent at being sour, which seems more likely. Whatever. Not my problem anymore. I'm just going to enjoy life as it comes.

I got my Swiffer tonight, and a bunch of foodie items that I can make with my hotpot. I might get a fridge this weekend if I can find WalMart -- don't want to spend $100 for a tiny little cube fridge if I can help it. Not sure where I'd put it, though. That will require pondering. I think if I rearrange a couple of wall lockers, though, I can fit it in. If it looks like I'm going to be here longer than a month, I might get a microwave, too. all the comforts of home, none of the cat hair. ;-)

Oh, and those new French Toast-flavored Pop Tarts? They really do taste like French toast, and are therefore Quite Yummy.

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