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word to the wise - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
word to the wise
Never piss off the people preparing your food.

I forget this one all too often, usually at a McDonald's where most of the workers speak, shall we say, less than perfect English.

But today, that lesson was rammed home to me. This was my second day on the job, and I'd just gotten done serving a large group. Next, I served this one woman a hot fudge sundae, and she threw me by asking for it in an extra large cup. It took me a minute, addled as I was from the previous group, to get my act together, but it really didn't take that long. As I was scooping it and adding toppings, I was talking to one of the other workers about his wish to go to my alma mater, Norwich University. When I got back to the window, the woman was saying something about being in a hurry. Her friend was next, and I couldn't quite hear her order; it's awfully noisy inside the stand. I asked her to speak up a little, and she screamed her order at me. I told her, "Ma'am, you don't have to yell at me." She responded, "Well, we've been waiting an awfully long time." I then told her, "I'm moving as fast as I can," and she said, all snotty, "Well, it's not very fast."

Fuck you, bitch. I can barely move my fingers, I just scooped the hardest ice creams we have in the coolers for something like forty people, I got a three dollar tip on a $40 bill, and the floors are slippery as hell. Kiss my lily-white ass.

Actually, I told her that it was just my second day, and she said, "Oh, sorry." That was it. I scooped her cherry vanilla chip cone and that was it.

It shows you how this can stick with a person that I'm still pissed about it hours and hours later.

I kinda wish I'd spit in the bottom of the cone, though. Not that I would, but...

Oh well. Karma is. I hope she spilled it on something expensive that stains badly. I really do.

i feel: irritated irritated

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skorzy From: skorzy Date: September 10th, 2002 11:58 pm (UTC) (base camp)
I worked fast food when I was in High School, and I also worked for awhile at a Seven Eleven in college. I still try to this day, to give people working those service jobs extra patience, even when I'm in a foul mood. I worked my way through college as at first, a bank teller, then a bank investment counselor.. workign with the public, in a "subservient" service position, is sometimes AWFUL. I fully sympathize with how people that work those positions feel.

Though, honestly, sometimes people behind those counters deserve a tongue lashing or a rude slap in the face to put them back in reality.. It really pisses me off when I'm treated poorly by them, or at least, don't get the modicum of social respect one's due as simple cordiality. Even if you hate your job, is it too much to expect it to be done *well*?

To illustrate a very fine recent example in my life:

The other day at our supermarket, the girl at the register didn't say a word to me when I brought my six or so items to check out. I had even made eye contact, smiled and said "Hey there." Not a word. Just grabbed my items and started slapping them over the scanner. That's fine..maybe she's having a bad day, but then... she proceeded to have a conversation, with her head over her shoulder, therefore totally ignroing her customer, to the next clerk, bitching and moaning how MUCH she HATED her job while she rang my purchases... WTF??? Right in FRONT of me?!? Eventually, she turned to me and stared, I stared back, expecting her to tell me how much I owed her.... Dimwit didn't get it and just looked back until I finally asked with a neutral voice. "How much?". She answered.. I started digging for exact change in my front pocket.

THEN, she sighed loudly at this, obviously aimed at me for making her *wait* a few seconds more... I *snapped*. I had enough!

I looked up and loudly said: "Do you have a FUCKING problem???" Boy.. you should've seen her back down... she kind of blinked and said "What?".. I told her *what*. "Cut the god-damn attitude! If you got a problem, get your manager here right NOW and we'll settle this!" She stammered and finally apologized. I wordlessly gave her my money and left.. I felt GOOD that I had stood up for the tiny bit of respect I was due, but I always feel bad for losing it publically like that.

Yes.. I was really *really* peeved. I don't always lose my temper like that, but... I have really developed a distaste for people like that. Its fine to have a bad day, its fine to hate your job.. but there's no excuse for treating other people poorly because of it.

Frankly.. I think she deserved to be fired.

Kudos to you, Tasha.. I KNOW how hard a job like that can be. And yes, frequently customers really deserve a "treatment" like I described above...

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