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when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
But first,

What Stone Are You?

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Tonight was fun. I worked my tail off in karate class, and it was terrific. I threw people around, big people, because I was doing the techniques right, not because they humored me. I got thrown around -- heck, I got dropped on my back from about 18 inches above the floor and what do I do? I start laughing! No one could figure out why I was giggling, and I wasn't sure either. All I can say is that they must not realize (actually, I know they don't realize) how all that exercise and throwing and being thrown and being dropped and stuff made me feel alive, and confident, and totally like I could kick some serious booty.

This is why I signed up. This is what I've missed. This is what I need more of.

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