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Colorado - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
I just got back from three days in Colorado. Kerrick, a friend of mine from a MUCK that I play on, paid for a ticket so that I could go out there and he could teach me programming in C. never tried it; the last time I did any programming, it was senior year of high school, 1986, and the language was BASIC. This is way different.

The book he gave me assumes some knowledge of functions (I got a D- in Elementary Functions in college -- nothing elementary about them in my book, I'll tell ya) and of the inner workings of a computer. I'm not talking about the electronics, but the way a computer thinks. That means binary. I'd never been much good at working in anything other than decimal... there are some concepts that would come in handy now that I rejected when I was taking math in high school and college. Why did I reject them... no one told me why these concepts were important. Pure math, as far as I'm concerned, is useless. I like the things I learn to have real applications. Little did I know that the stuff I struggled with so hard, the stuff my brain rejected, would actually be useful ten, fifteen years down the line, when it has been well and truly dumped from my memory.

Colorado was different. For starters, it's a lot higher than my home here in Massachusetts. It was drier, too... I was getting a nosebleed before I left. That happens a lot to me when the air is dry in the winter. Not so much in the summer. Kerrick is a great guy, as is his fiance and their housemate. And their dog, Shilo, is a total luvpuppy. I had a wonderful time, but I came away reminded of a couple of basic tenets about computers:

Computers are only as smart as their users.

There is nothing like a computer to make you feel stupid.

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