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ms. fix-it - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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ms. fix-it
I just replaced the wiper blades and headlight bulbs on my car. All told, maybe 40 minutes work. It's so satisfying, though, because it's a quick fix that shows instant results. I love that stuff. I don't know who was the brain trust that put the battery so close to the bulb plug on the driver's side, though. If my hands had been much bigger I wouldn't have been able to get in there to change out the bulb. That was the one that was burnt out; I replaced both because the right one was looking a little suspect, too. Now I just have to finish cleaning it out, front and back, and we're ready to go to the wedding. I still need to get shoes... which means that I need to go roust my sweetie out of bed. I promised to buy him dinner if he goes shoe shopping with me.

I still feel the lack of someone to go out and be girly with. My sister and I can do it for short spurts, but she's got a lot on her plate and I'm not sure she can be patient enough with me right now. My mom is in Canada for my cousin's wedding, and she usually doesn't have time when I do.All my other female friends live too far away to just call up and say "Ya wanna go shopping..." plus, they're all busy with horses and kids and wedding minion stuff. Never thought I'd be lonely for the companionship of women, me, of all people. Just shows you that I can change, too, I guess.

I wish I could just go crawl into bed; I'm cold. It's been very raw today. Eating a big cup of chocolate raspberry ice cream probably didn't help... but it was velly tastee.

I set the stove on fire at work. I was making chocolate syrup, and I guess there was something in the little bowl under the burner, because there were flames coming out from under the pot. Nothing I couldn't blow out, but still... lots o'smoke. I cleaned the stove till it was almost like new, and then proceeded to cook the chocolate syrup properly. No boilover, no more disasters... no more cooked syrups for me.

Y'all need to look at this. Ees funnee.

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