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I have Nothing To Do tomorrow.


With a capital Nut.

I'm going to wash clothes, maybe fold a few that have been sitting in my laundry basket, perhaps try and tidy the kitchen. Maybe I'll finally get to watch my Harry Potter DVD. And do those pants.

Or not. Who knows?

There's a call out on the EK list for teachers for an EKU next February in Albany. I'd like to start teaching, but I'm not sure what to teach. I'm best at handsewing, but the women I learned from may already be wanting to teach. I could do something in beginning embroidery, and teach split stitch, backstitch, and satin stitch. Those are the three most common embroidery stitches. I could do one on advanced embroidery, too. Or maybe even double-running stitch, which is used to make reversible blackwork. Maybe I'll do that, even though my favorite thing in the world is simple handsewing. Well, it's easier to do the research on embroidery, anyway. Now I just have to talk to my mistress about it, see what input she might have, and start creating lesson plans. Yurgh. at least it's only a three hour drive. Wonder if anyone else in the household would want to go with?

I'm also contemplating trying to make my own spindles. I found sources for the wheels and the dowels online; I could make maple ones for maybe $2-3 apiece. If I can sell them for $5 apiece, I can make a nice profit. I should buy some supplies and try doing different finishes -- I could even try doing some hand-rubbed wax finishes, and see how they work. Those would be more expensive, of course... but spiffy!
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