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helium hand
Well, I did it. With the blessing of my mistress, I volunteered to teach three embroidery courses at the EKU in Concordia of the Snows in February. I'm looking forward to it, and I'm going to start amassing materials for it soon (I hope) -- I'm going to set up some kits with needles, thread, and fabric, and post in the class description that students should bring their own small embroidery hoops, if they want to use one (and it's strongly recommended that they do!).

For each class, I think that I'll do an outline stitch, a filling stitch, and a knot or powdering stitch. For the beginner class, I'm thinking split stitch, satin stitch, and French knot, and for the intermediate/advanced class, I'll do stem stitch and Bayeux Tapestry stitch (also known as laid and couched stitch), which are the only two stitches on the Bayeux Tapestry. That one stitch might take up the entire time; if not, I'll have something else up my sleeve... maybe long and short stitch (brick stitch). I need to do up some exemplars of these in use -- while I know how to do them, they're not my favorites, so I don't have anything using them.

I'm looking for linen and wool thread online to use in making Wolfie's new tunic. Twelfth Night isn't going to be possible this year; it's in Hartshorn-Dale (PA), which is wayyyy too far to go. So I don't have that deadline, but I bought this fabric in June and haven't touched it. I need to serge the ends and wash it out so I know what I'm dealing with, make a pattern, cut, and then start embroidering. I think I'll Fray-Chek the edges or something so it doesn't unravel while I'm working on it.

Winter must be coming... I'm planning projects.

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