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meme, ganked from ciorstan - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
meme, ganked from ciorstan
LJ Interests meme results

  1. bad bunny:
    This is my husband's web comic, which goes defunct when he's not working -- odd, that, but as it draws heavily on his working life, not surprising. It's really funny; you should go read it.
  2. dyeing:
    I'm a fiber geek. One of my goals is to grow a dye garden, somehow, so I can dye my own fibers.
  3. fatal frame:
    This is one of the scariest video games ever. No, seriously, it's terrifying. I love it.
  4. hand sewing:
    I really like hand sewing. It's very relaxing, and I seem to be rather good at it.
  5. icon making:
    This is a new interest; I think it satisfies my color starvation while I'm here in the desert. That, and downloading free brushes and textures and so forth from the so-many talented digital artists in teh intarweb is like shopping, but free!
  6. laurell k. hamilton:
    She writes two of my favorite series, Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter and Meredith Gentry, PI. A lot of people complain about the sex in the books, but hey, I'm in the desert, people. I'll take what I can get.
  7. sca:
    My main hobby and social outlet. The fiber geekiness is a huge part of it.
  8. sg1:
    Stargate SG-1 is one of my favorite series, due in large part to my being a Richard Dean Anderson fangirl from way back (and I mean way back, when he had a mullet). Now that he's backed off of the series some, I get my yummy man fix from Michael Shanks and Ben Browder. Yum-mee.
  9. stargate:
    See above.
  10. survival horror video games:
    I can't play first-person shooters. They make me motion sick. I like survival horror games because not only do you get that adrenalin rush, but there are puzzles to solve, which is fun. Plus, no motion sickness.

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beerhorse From: beerhorse Date: September 21st, 2005 11:33 am (UTC) (base camp)
It looks like I've finally given up NERO for good, and once I move back to CT, my family obligations will be met during the week. That means, Weekends free for SCA!!! :)

I'm totally into joining up! I can't wait for you to get back! My Dad even gave me a chemise!

Also, when you get back, I need to hook you up with jeninmaine. We're going to the Common Ground fair in Maine this weekend. She'll probably drool over all the fiber too. :)
1 trip or shoot the rapids