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Legacies - when you don't know what to do...
do the next thing
I miss my Grammie.

She was a remarkable woman, always positive and smiling, firm in her beliefs and morals, talented and generous of herself and her skills. She taught me how to thread a needle, how to embroider, do cross-stitch and needlepoint on plastic canvas. She even taught me to knit, a skill I never did really master. I worked my first sampler at her home. My mother's home is filled with her work.

Now I embroider -- blackwork, Celtic animals, designs from the past, and every time I pick up a needle and thread it the way she taught me, I think of her. I carry work with me to do when I have a free moment.

I had my current project with me at my family's Fourth of July gathering this past Wednesday. I showed it to my aunt, who looked at it, and said to the group at large, "Remember how I was saying that I wished Grammie could be here? Well, she is."

I miss you, Grammie. I miss you so much.

i feel: sad sad

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