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stuffage - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
do the next thing
Work was way busy today. It was hot out. Hot people want ice cream. I made $14 in tips. Go me.

I had to get new tires today -- I discovered belt showing on the front driver's side tire. I was going to get them Friday anyway. Four new tires, less than $200. Go me.

I stayed for all three classes tonight. Learned some Shaolin movement stuff. Discovered that I have enough kempos to get me through my black belt test (in theory). Now I need to practice them left-handed. Also learned some of the philosophical differences between Villari and Cerio kempo, which explains why Wolfie and I move so differently.

I had salad and fruit for dinner. Ranch dressing with bacon rawks. I now have two bottles, due to rampant over-purchasing. Strawberry cream cheese fruit dip rawks. Okay, so parts of it weren't as healthy as they coulda been, but it was still salad and fruit! Hello? Go me.

I didn't get to see much of Wolfie tonight. All sad. He missed me, which gives me this little pleased feeling of "somebody cares enough to miss me when I'm not around -- that's so cool!" Of course, acknowledging that feeling gives me that tiny little guilt feeling of "you're happy that he's sad? you heartless bitch!", but whatcha gonna do? Of course, I missed him too, because as we all know, I think the boy rocks. Anyone who volunteers to wear earplugs so he can sleep with me (yes, ladies and gents, the Bear snores) is all right in my book. That, and the whole mind-reading thing. That's pretty spiff, too. ;-)

Life is... pretty flippin' good.

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