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this is an email i just sent to my beloved husband, darkwolfie

"Hokay… both the Serenity movie *and* BSG Season 2 are available for pre-order. I nearly ordered both of them, but I’d sworn not to order anything else for myself until after Yule, and let me tell you, it was a hard damned fight. But they are out of my shopping cart (*cries*) and on my wish list, and I’ll be good but TASHA WANT. Cause there’s sexy snarky Serenity and Apollo in a Little Bitty Towel! *dies and is ded* So there. Blatant Christmas list-mongering. Or is that “Christmas-list mongering”? I’m pretty sure “mongering” needs to be modified by an adjective of some sort… Christmas-list-mongering? Bah. You’d think I was actually awake, but no, it is the adrenaline of discovering that these two items could, theoretically, be in my hot little hands by the first of the year combined with the resolute morality of not buying them for myself before anyone can forget to buy them for me… plus I’m hungry. Also? I’m posting this entire email to LJ because it is teh funneh.

"Love you!"

Never let it be said I don't follow through on my promises.

ETA: Yes, first half of Season 2. Still WANT. :-)
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