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happy t-day from t-bear

Thanksgiving Day is almost over here, and there hasn't been a single play made in football, as far as we're concerned. Last year, I think it was, I wandered into my parents' sunroom after dinner and observed an amazingly cute sight: my beloved husband, my father and my sister's fiancee were all passed out in front of the TV. This year, my husband is with his family, and my parents, for the first time in my memory, are not home for Thanksgiving. They're at my sister's, because she's getting married the day after tomorrow and dinner for a group is just too much to ask of Mom. Weird to think that there's no family gathered around Mom's dining room table today.

The chow hall was GORGEOUS today. There's crepe paper everywhere, and crepe paper turkeys on every available vertical surface, but the table displays were amazing -- some talented soul carved fruits and vegetables into flowers and birds and such... There was even a soteltie at the entrance! I'll take pictures when I go over for dinner.

Also, my sister wanted a picture of me -- something she's doing for the wedding, so I decided to share with y'all.

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