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do the next thing
hello from barain
Please excause any misspellings; I'm afraid I'm slightly drunk. I'm heroically NOT picking up my knitting, because I've done pretty well so far, not screwing it up, and I'm not entertaining any drunken knitting when I'm kniting a girlfromauntie design (Eris, in Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Maple Syrup -- it's redder in real life; more of a dark cinnamon color, but i love it). I've got the right side of the collar complete, and not quite half of the left, and I'm not risking it. Not. Don't ask me to.

I'm in Bahrain, on my 4-day pass. The villa we're in is fabulous - the ceilings are 15 feet if they're an inch, the floors are marble, and I have my own bathroom. Sadly, I haven'y gotten out much to see the country, but I got to relax and knit and watch Stargate: Atlantis, and eat snacks. I had ice cream. Real ice cream. Num.

My sister got married yesterday, and I got to talk to her briefly at the reception (I love Skype). I wish I'd been able to be there, but the Army had other plans.

So in Bahrain, you can buy and consume alcohol. Last night my friend Sam and I went to Trader Vic's, at the Ritz Carlton, which was lovely, and I had a daiquiri. I've never had one before; it was yummy. The tonight, all four of us went to Ric's Kountry Kitchen, which was so much fun. I had two pints of cider, and a shot of Bailey's and a half-pint of Guiness, which I guess I was supposed to combine to make an Irish Car Bomb, but I drank them separately, and I drank the guiness too quickly, and I was well and truly tipsy. *grin* I also had steak. Bloody, delicious, steak. The stuff they call steak at Camp Victory is but a pale shadow.

Sam slipped and fell in the shower today, and hit his head. He's fine, but he came into my room this morning to tell me so that someone would know and keep an eye on him. I was still in bed, and since I have a room all to myself, I wasn't wearing much, but everything was under the covers. Still... weird... but he was shaken that he'd fallen, and still drunk, so whatever. He didn't even know that I was pretty much nekkid till I told him later. I don't know whether to be relieved or insulted.

We go back to Kuwauit to morrow. Even though I haven't done or seen much of anything; I've had a lovely, relaxing time. 94 days and a wake up.

i feel: relaxed relaxed

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From: reasdream Date: November 27th, 2005 11:25 pm (UTC) (base camp)
sounds you are having sloshed fun!


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