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do the next thing
i DON'T bloody well think so
I got an email today, talking about how Rev. Fred Phelps has been protesting the funerals of servicemen and women killed in Iraq, saying that they deserved it and that they're going to hell because (as his websites and so-called church states), "God hates fags," and God hates America because we "harbor" homosexuals. The VFW is organizing "Walls of Respect" for funerals he plans to protest. Basically, veterans and bikers (many of whom are vets) make human walls between Phelps and his followers and the funeral attendees, turning their backs on the hate and sometimes reciting the Pledge of Allegiance and/or revving the engines of their bikes to drown out the cries of the protestors.

I'm in. I'm so damn in. Phelps and his nutcase followers have already protested a funeral in Marblehead, and the local police pipe band drowned them out. These are the same people who protested the funeral of Matthew Shepard, the young gay man in Wyoming who was fatally beaten and left to die, tied to a fence.

Thing is, I don't think I'm eligible to join the VFW, as I have never been in a combat zone, so I'm not sure how to find out if there are any counter-protests needed in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, or Maine.

I'm not very tall, but hot damn I'm loud, and my bike might not have a big motor, but it'll make noise. No one has the right to take away that family's ability to grieve in private.

i feel: angry angry

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pantherwill From: pantherwill Date: November 30th, 2005 11:17 am (UTC) (base camp)
They picketing at Mr Rogers' funeral, for cryin' out loud. Mr freakin' Rogers.
tashabear From: tashabear Date: November 30th, 2005 11:35 am (UTC) (base camp)
Anything for media attention. Bastards.
baronessmartha From: baronessmartha Date: November 30th, 2005 12:21 pm (UTC) (base camp)
I agree.
I would think the local VFW would have information.
In Annapolis, MD the local churches all rang bells to drown out a KKK demo.
I like to think that we all have in common basic respect for one another and a willingness to stand up to protect each other.

trinker From: trinker Date: November 30th, 2005 01:40 pm (UTC) (base camp)
I seem to recall that someone (ACTUP?) was engaging in Phelps-a-thon fundraisers, where people would pledge money for each minute that the Phelpsers were doing their garbage at gay funerals.
sgt_majorette From: sgt_majorette Date: November 30th, 2005 02:07 pm (UTC) (base camp)

What the --- ????

Some things are just too silly to protest. It's about on the level with putting underpants on equestrian statues, except that it strikes a particularly raw nerve.

If anybody's taking up a collection to have this Phelps guy discreetly whacked, I'd chip in a couple of bucks...
cellio From: cellio Date: November 30th, 2005 03:22 pm (UTC) (base camp)
Protesting at a funeral is about the lowest (legal) thing people can do. Have they no shame?
esmerel From: esmerel Date: November 30th, 2005 04:26 pm (UTC) (base camp)
I somehow suspect the VFW would be happy to provide you with info, formal member or not!
pierceheart From: pierceheart Date: January 19th, 2006 04:24 pm (UTC) (base camp)
Hey, can I be later on getting on the bandwagon?

I believe I found your journal by looking at who went to NU.

VFW let me in when I went to Bosnia fergossakes!
You served, overseas, during a war, and can prove it.

That's ll you need.
My ex father in law was in Germany during Korea, and that counted.

You will have a 214 that shows overseas service in a deployed area.
Trust me on this one.
If you have a hard time with your local post in Lawrence, Dilboy Post #79 in somerville let me in, I'll vouch for you.

Then again, I joined in Manchester with my MP unit, moved it to Dedham, and rejoined in Somerville when I got back from iraq.
From: pacuchit Date: April 9th, 2011 06:06 am (UTC) (base camp)
For some reason, I can’t see all of this content, stuff keeps hiding? Are you taking advantage of java?

tashabear From: tashabear Date: April 9th, 2011 06:16 am (UTC) (base camp)
Who the fuck are you?
From: akerslafo Date: November 3rd, 2011 04:44 am (UTC) (base camp)
Thanks for your share! very impressive!

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