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it's been a good week, mailwise - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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it's been a good week, mailwise
I got my giftie from my hubby today! He gave me a game (Medieval Total War), and 4 DVDs (Bewitched, Mr & Mrs Smith, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Kung-Fu Hustle, which I already own and will actually be re-gifting tomorrow, with Wolfie's blessing, at the office gift exchange), and best of all, a pair of Shure E2c sound isolating earphones!

My old Sonys were on their last legs -- I had to crank the volume all the way up, and I still couldn't hear anything. I was starting to think that I was losing my hearing, being around all the noise here, or that there was something wrong with my iPod. The Shures came with three sizes each of three types of sleeves for the earpieces: flex sleeves, made out of PVC, soft flex sleeves, made out of rubber, and foam sleeve, which are a lot like foam earplugs. You have to compress them between your fingers before you insert the earpiece. Foam earplugs generally make my ears itch, so those were going to be my last resort.

Even smallest of the PVC flex sleeves are too big for my little ear canals, but the smallest rubber sleeve is perfect. And the sound... oh lordy, the sound... I was able to turn down my iPod by a full two-thirds, the sound is so good. I didn't get to listen long, because I was at work, but I am SO looking forward to it. This should greatly increase my battery life, too. I haven't been listening to it much, frankly, because I just couldn't hear anything. Hopefully, that's going to change. *happy*

And then the lovely and talented ladymorgaine sent me a box with all sorts of goodies and NO SOAP (well, Dove facial cleansing cloths, but those aren't the same thing). And the Magic Cookie Bars? Magic in my mouf. Yum.

So. The day was busy, I had nifty boxies to open, and it's time for dinner. Life is good.

(Also, I hope you like the icon.)

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