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I just saw three dogs run across the container yard next door to the trailer where I work.

They were about 100 yards away, which was just fine with me. Normally, I really like dogs, and it's unusual to see mammals of any sort around here, never mind large ones like dogs. There was a little kitten living under one of the DFAC buildings a couple of months ago that looked just like my girl kitty Mathilde, but it's probably been caught and euthanized by now -- they carry disease, and it's not like we can take them to vets or shelters. I think it might have had a respiratory infection, anyway; it seemed to have had a nosebleed. But I digress.

We've been told to stay away from the dogs around here. Apparently they're feral and really aggressive. Like, will-attack-a-moving-Humvee aggressive. So as I watched them run behind a row of containers, I hoped that they wouldn't take it into their little doggy heads to run over here. Because I'd have plenty of time to get back in the trailer, but I still don't want to experience the ignominy of running from some middlin'-sized dogs. Even if they are attack-a-moving-Humvee aggressive.

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