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berfday happies - when you don't know what to do... — LiveJournal
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berfday happies
It really doesn't take much to make me happy for my birthday, and this year it all gelled.

I did get a couple of cool presents: my mom and dad replaced the tires on my car (and not a moment too soon; there were belts showing on my driver's side front tire), and Wolfie got me a copy of Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny for Playstation 2. I was up until 3:30 am playing it... it is one of the most visually rich games I've ever seen, and they've taken the universe of Onimusha: Warlords and expanded upon it, improving it in some very neato-keen and subtle ways. It drags in places, where I don't pick up on some subtle hints, but once I get the hang of it, it'll be way fun.

But better than that were people genuinely wishing my a happy birthday: They gave me a brownie and a scoop of ice cream at work with birthday candles, and when we went to skorzy and sushimare's to watch Firefly and John Doe, they and their friend Will got me a black raspberry cheesecake. Nummy. Of course, not that I needed it after the feed that Wolfie and I got from ChumLee's (Mongolian Beef, anyone?). I forced myself -- oh, the humanity... And Wolfie brought home a yummy puddin' filled choklit cake.

But it's not about the food. It's just that people thought to wish me a happy birthday, and they were sincere. That's really all that it takes.

Tomorrow, Wolfie and I are going into town to do a wee bit o'shopping. I want to go to Mind's Eye Yarns and see what they have for rovings -- I'm getting tired of spinning white wool all the time. He wants to go to the Rand McNally store in the Financial District and get a map of Boston. The one he has in mind has all the buildings on it; very handy for his job. We went to dinner with his mom and her husband tonight. She gave me some money for my birthday, so that'll pay for my wool, and maybe part of a new spindle.

This has been a Very Good Birthday.

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